Our Business Model
Strong strategic positioning

To operate in niches with long term growth drivers...
...each with market leading positions

Operate only in ‘fast flowing streams’
  • Energy Management

  • Water Management

  • Aesthetics, Bespoking & Design

  • Efficient Construction

Market share typically between Nos. 1-3 in each niche

Growth opportunities exploited by talented people and Alumasc’s management framework

Manage these opportunities well
  • Recruitment and development of talented people

  • Fostering an innovative and entrepreneurial culture

  • Dedicated management and sales focus for each niche market segment

  • Developing synergies within the group

  • A strong service ethos

  • Promotion of recognised and trusted brands

  • Development of innovative products and solutions

  • Expanding our geographical reach, including internationally

  • Continued investment in human and capital resources to grow the business


Targeting outperformance relative to the UK construction market

  • Satisfied customers

  • Revenue growth rates ahead of UK construction market on average

  • Superior financial returns underpinned by strong ROS and ROI

How Strategy is Driving Performance

Alumasc’s revenues are growing on average around 2% a year faster than the UK construction sector*

Group revenues* (£m)


Group revenues

Operating margins are increasing and now approaching 10%

Return on sales (%)


Return on sales

Return on investment has grown to over 20% on a post tax basis

Return on investment (Post-Tax) (%)


Return on investment

Underlying profit before tax has more than trebled over the last five years

Underlying profit before tax (£m)


We are continually investing in new resources to grow the business and in new, innovative products. This investment now exceeds £1 million p.a. and is charged against our profit each year

Re-investment to support growth (£m)


Re-investment to support

* Alumasc’s revenues have grown by a compound average of 7% p.a. over the last five years, or approximately 4% p.a. excluding price inflation. UK construction output has grown by 2%** p.a., excluding price inflation. Revenues from the exceptionally large Kitimat project in 2012-2015 have been excluded so as to not artificially overstate the underlying growth rate.
** Source: Experian.